I want to add an id="myid" to shortcode embedded iframe:-

$video_url = get_post_meta($post_id, 'video_url',true);
$video_url .= 'video url';
$check_embeds=$GLOBALS['wp_embed']->run_shortcode( '[embed]'. $video_url .'[/embed]' );
echo $check_embeds;

This code helps me to display video through custom meta box just using a video url. And additionally I want add an ID to iframe here, example:- <iframe id="myid" src=""></iframe>like this. Can anybody help me to fix the issue?


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1.- Add this to your child theme's functions file:

add_filter("embed_oembed_html", function( $html, $url, $attr ) { 
    if ( !empty( $attr['id'] ) ) {
        $html = str_replace( "<iframe", sprintf( '<iframe id="%s"', $attr['id'] ), $html );
    return $html;
}, 10, 3);

2.- Now use [embed id="myid"] applying the ID attribute in the shortcode.

    '[embed id="myid"]'. $video_url .'[/embed]'

Hope that helps.


Since you're talking about using an <iframe> to embed the video URL, I decided to take a different approach instead of using WordPress' [embed] shortcode and create my own [iframe] shortcode (add this to your functions.php):

add_shortcode( 'iframe', 'wpse_237365_iframe_shortcode' );

function wpse_237365_iframe_shortcode( $iframe ) {
    $tags = array( // Default values for some tags
        'width' => '100%',
        'height' => '450',
        'frameborder' => '0'

    foreach ( $tags as $default => $value ) { // Add new tags in array if they don't exist
        if ( !@array_key_exists( $default, $iframe ) ) {
            $iframe[$default] = $value;

    $html = '<iframe';
    foreach( $iframe as $attr => $value ) { // Insert tags and default values if none were set
        if ( $value != '' ) {
            $html .= ' ' . esc_attr( $attr ) . '="' . esc_attr( $value ) . '"';
    $html .= '></iframe>';
    return $html;

Why not work off of the [embed] shortcode?

The code I provided above not only lets you add your id= attribute, but also any other attributes you plan on adding, giving you much more flexibility.

Shortcode Example 1

[iframe src="https://link.to/video" id="my-id-here" width="100%" height="500"]

Will give you:

<iframe src="https://link.to/video" id="my-id-here" width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Shortcode Example 2

You can even make up attributes if need be:

[iframe src="https://link.to/video" scrolling="yes" custom-tag="test"]

Will give you:

<iframe src="https://link.to/video" scrolling="yes" custom-tag="test" width="100%" height="450" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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