Post body:

[paragraph value="1"]text text text[/paragraph]
[paragraph value="2"]moretext moretext moretext[/paragraph]

Desired result:

You are reading paragraph 1: text text text

You are reading paragraph 2: moretext moretext moretext

Can that be achieve using the above structure cause I couldn't figure out how to do it using the examples at: https://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode_API

Can you have enclosing shortcodes and values in them or are these 2 different shortcode types?

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Yes. That result can be achieved by single shortcode function. Here is your code-

function paragraph_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) {
    $pull_atts = shortcode_atts( array(
        'value' => 0
    ), $atts );
    return 'You are reading paragraph ' . wp_kses_post( $pull_atts[ 'value' ] ) . ': ' . do_shortcode($content);
add_shortcode( 'paragraph', 'paragraph_shortcode' );

It'll work as you expected. Just input your data as you described-

[paragraph value="1"]text text text[/paragraph]
[paragraph value="2"]moretext moretext moretext[/paragraph]

An d you'll get your desired output.

  • For some reason though Wordpress doesn't interpret it as a paragraph this way?
    – kat
    Aug 28, 2016 at 16:13
  • Your question is not clear to me. Can you please explain more ? I tested it on my system and it works pretty well. @kat
    – CodeMascot
    Aug 28, 2016 at 17:20
  • OK. I think I found your problem. In your theme files use <?php the_content();?> or <?php echo apply_filters('the_content',$post_content);?> or <?php echo apply_filters('the_content',$wp_query->post->post_content);?> to render the content. Otherwise the shortcode API will not function.
    – CodeMascot
    Aug 28, 2016 at 17:47
  • It means that it removes the <p> tags. And even if I add them manually (eg. return '<p>You are reading paragraph ' . wp_kses_post( $pull_atts[ 'value' ] ) . ': ' . do_shortcode($content).'</p>';) apparently they're still not interpreted as paragraphs because I have a function that adds an ad code after X number of paragraphs and it doesn't add the code this way => it can't see them as paragraphs.
    – kat
    Aug 28, 2016 at 18:38
  • Actually its your theme or your system functionality problem. It has nothing to do with this answer.
    – CodeMascot
    Aug 28, 2016 at 18:41

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