If your common with the code that wp_nav_menu function generates. You should know what im asking for.

I need to add an indicator like a plus sign or an arrow to indicate that this menu-item has a sub-menu. I cant find a class or id that would allow me to do that.

Im guessing ill need a plugin for this? BUT I need some opinion first.



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I would do this with JS I'm afraid. It's the quickest simplest form. Using jQuery I have this snippet.

   $('.menu li:has(".sub-menu")').addClass('has-sub-menu');

Then you can use CSS to do what you need :)

  • Thanks. I actually made a small plugin that adds a .sub-menu, .menu-item-last, and .menu-item-last to the menu mark up.
    – ProNoob
    Aug 28, 2011 at 17:31

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