In WordPress, the user is able to set the default Admin Colour Scheme by going to their profile and selecting a color scheme, how can I access those color schemes?

For example, when Midnight is selected, the sidebar color changes, and etc. I want to access those colors. Any idea?

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The current active/selected admin color scheme is a user setting, you can get its value with get_user_option( 'admin_color' ).

$admin_color = get_user_option( 'admin_color' );

if you want to access the color scheme for the specific user then pass the user id as second parameter in the get_user_option() function

$user1_id = 2;
$user1_color = get_user_option( 'admin_color', $user1_id );

the above both examples will return the name of the active color scheme e.g; blue, fresh, Midnight etc..

if you want to access the whole list of colors used in the admin section then use the following..

global $_wp_admin_css_colors; 
$admin_colors = $_wp_admin_css_colors;

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