I want to end up with url structure for galleries like the one below ;


as you see there will be two variables.

I separated templates like content-default and content-gallery.. So far it's OK. But what should i do to open a single gallery element page when user goes to this link?


You'll need to write a rewrite rule to parse the URL and pull out the value of gallery-name and gallery-item-name. This will be tricky as there is nothing to distinguish your proposed URL structure from a hierarchical page structure. If you can throw in something that is always the same for all gallery URLs like /gallery/<gallery-name>/<gallery-item-name>/.

Once you have a rewrite rule in place you can hook into the template_include filter, check if your two variables are set and then tell WordPress to include your gallery template.

Shiba Shake has a good tutorial on galleries with custom permalinks http://shibashake.com/wordpress-theme/wordpress-permalink-add

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  • Can't we write an if condition just like if(has_category('gallery')) {add this rule} ? '(has_category=='gallery')(.+?)/([^/]+)/?$' => 'index.php?name=$matches[1]&gallery_item=$matches[2] – Onur Çelik Aug 11 '16 at 10:10
  • It wouldn't work because has_category() checks against a $post and the rewrite rules are added way before we even know what $post the request is dealing with. The job of rewrite rules is to parse out variables from a URL that get sent to WP_Query which determines which posts should be displayed. – kingkool68 Aug 12 '16 at 15:10

OK. Here is my final solution.. Wordpress already has this opportunity for attached galleries.. Check if your theme already has a file called attachment.php otherwise create one and copy the content of single.php and modify.

This solution does the trick for me.

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