Does Wordpress have a way to set a default value for an option?

That is -- I know get_option accepts a second parameter, and will return that parameter if no value is set. For example, when I'm setting up my form to let users save a value, I might use something like this

    <input type="text" 
           value="<?php echo esc_attr( get_option('new_option_name','default') ); ?>" 

If new_option_name doesn't have a saved value, get_option will return default.

However -- when I fetch the value in other places (i.e. I want to use the value), I need to specify the string again. This introduces the possibility of mistakes

$someOtherVariable = get_option('new_option_name','defaultt');

Other settings systems I've worked with give you the ability to configure a default value for settings that have not yet been saved. Does Wordpress have a feature like this? Or is it up to the end user programmers to make sure their get_option defaults match in all their code?

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    Sorry, nothing out of the box. What about a decorator function for get_option?
    – kraftner
    Aug 8, 2016 at 15:16

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There isn't anything clever that I can see. I've used two approaches in the past:

1 - Your plugin's activation code could save all your default options, so that you never need to use the second parameter to get_option Really, this equates to your...

default value for setting that have not yet been saved.

2 - You could define a set of constants for the default values, and then use those constants for the second parameter to get_option

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