I want to develop a plugin that adds one or more metadata terms to the comments. I can do this by using the add_comment_meta function, and I can display it in the edit-comments.php page by using the comment_status_links and pre_get_comments hooks. The process I followed is similar to the one detailed here:


To clarify, at the top it now shows, for example:

All | Pending (10) | Approved (100) | Spam (0) | Trash (0) | MY METADATA (5)

Now, my issue is with the Ajax update of the comments count. For example, if a comment that is approved is then marked as spam, the number of approved comments, 100, is updated automatically to 99, and the number of spam comments increases from 0 to 1. However, the number of My Metadata does not change, and remains at 5 until I refresh the page; then, it updates to 4, which is what I want.

How can I include my metadata feature in the Ajax update, so the user does not need to refresh the page to see the correct number? I think I need to use a script similar to wp-admin/js/edit-comments.js, but would rather avoid using a whole different Ajax call, which would place somewhat redundant code there given the complex logic used already in the edit-comments.js script.

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks your help!

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