i want migrate a WIX website to wordpress and i want preserve the SEO score without broken the url of every post-page. but the structure of WIX url is composed by special character like "#!" , now how i can create a 301 that work.

the structure of wix url is like this :


so i want redirect to a standard wordpress url example :


now i tried a simple redirect 301 in htacess like this:

redirect 301 /#!this-is-a-test-page/a56730/821fa3180cf2779eabf1d2f7 

but not work, how i can solve this ?

  • If you put site:www.yourdomain.com (substituting your domain name, obviously) into Google, do you get URLs like this in the result or do you get a different set? Jul 27, 2016 at 15:59
  • @ Andy Macaulay-Brook : google are indexed the site with special character “#!” , like this www.wix.com/#!this-is-a-test-page/a56730/821fa3180cf2779eabf1d2f7
    – SURTLER77
    Jul 27, 2016 at 16:15

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Hashes are used in web addresses to navigate to anchors on a specific position within a page. The part after the # symbol is never sent to the server. That's probably why WordPress doesn't allow hashes in URLs. If it did, you wouldn't be able to access the page anyway.

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