I have an editor on the front end of a website using wp_editor. It mostly works as expected; very similar to the admin side editor. However, when I enter an audio or video link, the players are not rendered as they are on the admin side. For example, inputting:-


...on the admin side will immediately render to the audio player. On my public side wp_editor, it remains as a URL string.

There are obviously some filters/scripts on the admin side that render these URLs that are not available as standard from the public facing side. Is it possible to get a public side wp_editor to behave exactly like the admin side editor? Its kind of pointless having front end editing if I lose a chunk of functionality from the admin side editor.

Im using my own custom plugin to launch the editor. Im using the following:-

function create_tinymce() {
    $settings = array(
        'media_buttons' => true,
        'drag_drop_upload' => false,
        'wpautop' => true,
    wp_editor("", "my-editor", $settings);

Im then hooking the above function using:-

add_action( 'wp_head', 'create_tinymce', 0 );
  • How are you adding it to the frontend? Are you using a plugin? If not can you show us some of your code? – Fencer04 Jul 27 '16 at 13:23
  • Thanks Fencer. Ive appended my OP with some code examples. – Michae Pavlos Michael Jul 27 '16 at 14:27
  • There are 2 trac tickets regarding the oEmbed functionality outside of post/page edit screens here and here. It looks like it is on the radar but won't appear until an unspecified future release. – brianjohnhanna Aug 3 '16 at 15:58

I've been fighting this for a while on a series of themes I make that provide a front end content creation interface not requiring a WP account. For the last two years I have said "trust me, URLs will embed".

Those old tickets are dormant, but I just have found a solution here https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/287623

For the template that renders the page you are using for your form, you need to add an enqueue statement.

This is some partial code on a site where auto embeds are not working on an editor added via wp_editor()

add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'add_truwriter_scripts');

function add_truwriter_scripts() {  

    // set up main styles
    $parent_style = 'radcliffe_style'; 

    wp_enqueue_style( $parent_style, get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );

    wp_enqueue_style( 'child-style',
        get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/style.css',
        array( $parent_style ),

if ( is_page('write') ) { // use on just our form page

    // Get Embed functionality in rich text editor
    // h/t https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/287623
    wp_enqueue_script( 'mce-view' );
   // unrelated code follows

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