I want to insert my own sitemap.xml in wordpress.

I don't want to use any Plugins Like Google XML Sitemaps, XML Sitemaps.

I want to get a output as a xml format like below. enter image description here

But By using The Plugins I got the output as, enter image description here

It's possible to get my sitemap.xml as a xml format in browser?

Insteed of auto generating, It's possible to upload my own sitemap.xml in wordpress?


WordPress is set up in a way that mostly ignores existing files. If what you want is literally upload fixed sitemap.xml file you can just do that and upload it to the root of your site (using FTP, hosting control panel, or whatever). WordPress will just ignore it and it will be available at example.com/sitemap.xml as anything else would be.

Of course it won't update dynamically with your WP site. To do that without a plugin you would have to essentially write a plugin that does it yourself.

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