I am trying to post to WordPress using the REST API. The aim is to have a form that accepts The following information:

  • Title
  • Content
  • ACF Custom Field 1 (possibly repeater field)
  • ACF Custom Field 2 (possibly repeater field)
  • Featured Image

I am new to the WP API and am having some difficulty finding some solid documentation on how I could post to a WP site from an external page/site that is not WordPress.

The idea is that users of website 'a' can fill out a form and this create a post on website 'b'.

I am not sure on user authentication as of yet so will either post annonymously or with a single user account.

Is anyone able to show me a simple method showing a basic outline of the above using Javascript or point me in the right direction atleast as I have found the docs a little confusing.


I think the simplest solution, without having more details about site A or site B, would be to use a service like Zapier to make your connection.

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