My site is loading enqueued content over HTTPS while it is not a secure site.

I have a couple PHP sites behind a load balancer with a proxy ssl certificate on one other domain. This site does not have a certificate.

When I output is_secure I get true, when I output $_SERVER['HTTPS'] I get 'on'.

Here is a copy of my $_SERVER dump.

No other sites are having this issue.

I attempted to use force_ssl_content(false) in my functions.php but didn't have any luck; in fact it just broke the site. Didn't see any examples of how to avoid setting SSL, only how to force SSL.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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wp_config was set up to force SSL by overwriting $_SERVER['HTTPS'], I respolved the issue.

I assume someone was trying to make SSL work behind the proxy at one point.

It would actually be a much better solution ( specifically for asset links ) to use the double slash //

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