Okay, suppose I wish to disable networking completely on a development machine running MariaDB 10.1.14, and instead use Windows' Named Pipes/Sockets. I'm using a local copy of Apache (2.4.23 x64 VC14), PHP (7.0.8) using mod_fcgid 2.3.9, and Wordpress 4.5.3, where Apache's root is C:\prod\httpd, PHP's root is C:\prod\php, and MariaDB's root is C:\prod\mariadb.

What would I enter for the DB_HOST constant in wp-config.php? Is it simply:

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost:/MariaDB_10.1');

Or do I need an absolute path to a file under Windows?

Note: I am currently using Windows 10 Pro as the OS.

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Although there's no sign of any support currently for named pipes in Wordpress, Ticket #32798 on the Wordpress Trac added functionality for using named pipes under Windows. However, because it awaits review, it is not currently part of the Wordpress Software, nor is it supported.

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