I have two WordPress installations, one under example.com and one under example.com/archive

I want to achieve this:

example.com/something/something/article.html has to redirect to example.com/archive/something/something/article.html

Basically, URLs ending with ".html" have to be redirected to another wordpress installation located under example.com/archive. Under example.com I'll have a totally new website, so I don't want the redirect rules to mess with it.

How do I write this rule into my .htaccess file?

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Hey see the following link. It has information about redirecting from one site to another : Redirecting Your Site With .htaccess

  • Thanks for the link, I know the basics but I find it difficult to write a good rule using regex expressions without interfering with the new wordpress installation. I'll edit my post to make in clearer. Jul 12, 2016 at 11:25

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