How can I not execute some <script> </script> if the user is an administrator or any specific role?

Basically I need to do something like this:

    <?php if( !User( 'Administrator', 'Editor' ) ) {        
        <script> </script>        
    } ?>

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Solution, using and statement '&&' for another specific role.

Closing <?php if() : ?>, <?php else : ?> Tag with a Column : to be able to post scripts inside the Loop.

global $current_user; // Use global
get_currentuserinfo(); // Make sure global is set, if not set it.

if ( ! user_can( $current_user, "administrator") && ! user_can( $current_user, "specific_role" ) )  : ?> // Check user object has not got subscriber role
    <!-- Not Administrator -->
<?php else : ?>
    <!-- Administrator -->
<?php endif; ?>

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