I am using Inked Blog to generate lists of articles on a page. However, I need to remove a specific headline (with the class sow-headline-container) from the excerpts. This is a bit of a struggle, but using the code from How to hide <pre> and <table> content from auto-generated excerpts? I managed to remove the headline. However, this resulted in all post excerpts on the page to be the same. Anyone has any clue to why this is happening?

I am using Wordpress 4.5.3 with a custom theme based on Customizr as well as the Inked Blog from Page Builder by SiteOrigin 2.4.10

Thank you in advance! :)

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Ok, I've found the answer myself through a lot of Googling :)

If anyone else is struggling, this pastebin provides a solid solution for stripping out headings from the excerpts. The solution was provided by Michael at the Wordpress Support Forum.

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