I am trying to update my acf with update-post-meta:

update_post_meta($my_post, 'ganalytics_settings', serialize($ganalytics_settings));

$ganalytics_settings is an array, which I would like to store serialized within the field.

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However, I get the following condition is not met(taken from meta.php):

function update_metadata($meta_type, $object_id, $meta_key, $meta_value, $prev_value = '') {
    global $wpdb;

    if ( ! $meta_type || ! $meta_key || ! is_numeric( $object_id ) ) {
        return false; //I am getting here in, but I do not know why.

Any suggestions what I might do wrong?

I appreciate your reply!

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Arrays are serialized by default, so just do

update_post_meta($my_post, 'ganalytics_settings', $ganalytics_settings);


$meta_value (mixed) (required) The new value of the custom field. A passed array will be serialized into a string.(this should be raw as opposed to sanitized for database queries) Default: None

Also, make sure that $my_post is post ID, not the post object.

And, if you want to update ACF field, you should use it's update_field function.


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