I am storing my uploads in a separate folder and using separate table to save the location in database.

I have gone through WP_Image_Editor , wp_image_editor_gd and wp_image_editor_imagick .

I also tried wp_insert_attachment and wp_generate_attachment_metadata

Is there any way to create thumbnails for PDF, video, doc, RAR, and ZIP using these classes or any other classes / functions in wordpress ?

Please let me know, if I should provide more detail on it or any question you want me to answer to help me.

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You're already looking in the right places. (And nowadays WordPress already supports PDF thumbnails through ImageMagick - code.)

To add a new thumbnail generator, you'll need to:

  • write a new WP_Image_Editor class that supports the file type or types you want - you'll want to extend the base class and override at least
    • test()
    • load()
    • supports_mime_type() - to match the content types of the files you want to preview
    • multi_resize() - this is the method called to generate thumbnails
  • hook the wp_image_editors filter, and in the hook implementation include your editor class (if you haven't already) and add the class name to the filtered list, with whatever priority you want.

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