I have multisite setup and I'm using the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin so I can control other domains with multisite. I have it installed on a subdomain to act as my command location. I plan to connect main sites and staging sites:

  • maindev.site1.com (mutlisite install)
  • dev.site1.com
  • site1.com
  • dev.site2.com
  • site2.com
  • etc

because I'm installed in a subdomain and the way the hosting works my multisite is subdirectory based so dev.site1.com is actually maindev.site1.com/dev.

The issue instead of links being dev.site1.com/hello-world they are maindev.site1.com/dev/hello-world. Both work but the links are correct. I've tried reseting permalinks but it didn't work.

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I figured this out right after I posted the question but thought it would help someone who ran into the same issue. I have to go to:

Network Admin -> Sites -> edit a site -> Settings -> change "site url" and "home"

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