I have a filter that removes opening p tags and replaces closing p tags with a br tag sitewide. The client would like this filter in a shortcode that they can use only on specific portions of the site. Could the following code be adapted for use inside of a shortcode?

add_filter( 'the_content', 'remove_p' );
function remove_p( $content ) {
    $paragraphs = array("<p>","</p>");
    $noparagraphs = array("","<br>");
    return str_replace( $paragraphs, $noparagraphs, $content );

We've tried an assortment of plugins that toggle wpautop but were not happy with the results. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


You've got the $content available to you in your remove_p function - so inside that function just look for the existence of a special string (i.e. your "shortcode"), to allow the filter to do the str_replace. For example:

   if ( false !== strpos( $content, "[p-filter]") ) {
       $paragraphs = array("<p>","</p>","[p-filter]");
       $noparagraphs = array("","<br>","");
       return str_replace( $paragraphs, $noparagraphs, $content );
       return $content;

This will work as long as your client doesn't want to turn on/off your filter multiple times within a single POST object...if he does then it could still be done, but will be more complicated to implement.

  • Thank you C C for the assistance. Just what I was looking for. – B6431 Jun 23 '16 at 15:16

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