I'm thinking about setting the content width theme feature in my theme's functions.php file using:

if ( ! isset( $content_width ) ) {
    $content_width = 600;

My understanding is this will set the max allowed width for any text and images in my theme.

My layout is rather fluid (I don't have a fixed width) so would like to use a percentage value. How can I set the max content width to 100%?

Ref: https://codex.wordpress.org/Content_Width

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$content_width is a global variable that can indeed be used by themes and plugins to set a maximum width on content elements. Therefore it's always a fixed value in pixels. The plugins don't know about your css.

However, this does not limit your possibilities in your theme. You can still set image sizes larger than $content_width and use them. Keeping the theme fluid is a matter of css.

The thing you'll find is that embeds (amongst others) use $content_width to determine their max width. So make sure that it is larger than the max column in your site if you want it to fit neatly.

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