if I do /wp-json/wp/v2/tags I only can get first 10, and seems the adding per_page=0 no longer work on it for getting actually all tags.

Anyone knows how to actually get all the tags with wp-api 2.0?

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If we look at the WP_REST_Controller::get_collection_params() method, we can see the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 100:

'per_page' => array(
    'description'        => __( 'Maximum number of items to be returned in result set.' ),
    'type'               => 'integer',
    'default'            => 10,
    'minimum'            => 1,
    'maximum'            => 100,
    'sanitize_callback'  => 'absint',
    'validate_callback'  => 'rest_validate_request_arg',

If we check the CHANGELOG.mdfile we find this:

- Enforces minimum 1 and maximum 100 values for `per_page` parameter.

(props @danielbachhuber,

There we see that this is related to issue #1609 where @rmccue comment is:

You should be able to filter rest_endpoints and change the maximum value there. This should potentially be easier, but ideally you shouldn't be changing this.

The rest_endpoints filter is applied within the WP_REST_Server::get_routes() method:

 * Filters the array of available endpoints.
 * @since 4.4.0
 * @param array $endpoints The available endpoints. An array of matching regex patterns,
 *                         each mapped to an array of callbacks for the endpoint. 
 *                         These take the format
 *                         `'/path/regex' => array( $callback, $bitmask )` or
 *                         `'/path/regex' => array( array( $callback, $bitmask ).
 $endpoints = apply_filters( 'rest_endpoints', $this->endpoints );

As an example we could try:

 * Change the maximum of per_page for /wp/v2/tags/ from 100 to 120
add_filter( 'rest_endpoints', function( $endpoints )
    if( isset( $endpoints['/wp/v2/tags'][0]['args']['per_page']['maximum'] ) )
        $endpoints['/wp/v2/tags'][0]['args']['per_page']['maximum'] = 120;

    return $endpoints;  
} );

Another approach could be through the rest_post_tag_query filter:

 * Fix the per_page to 120 for the post tags query of get_terms()
add_filter( 'rest_post_tag_query', function( $args, $request )
    $args['number'] = 120;
    return $args;
}, 10, 2 );

where you might want to adjust this further to your needs.

Note that this default restriction on per_page could "protect" your server, from hight load, if your install has large number of terms.

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