I know know how to get all the custom fields from a custom post type, that's easy.

However, when I create a custom post type, it displays a beautiful page automatically in the administration part of Wordpress, but with only "title" and "date" as fields:

no custom fields

If I want to add a field called "size" for the chimpmonks so that it displays in that administration screen, what should I do?

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You need an action called manage_$post_type_posts_custom_column. This will allow you to add columns to your custom posts page. To be more precise, you need a filter to generate the column and an action to fill it with content. In your case something like this (untested):

add_filter( 'manage_chimpmunks_posts_columns', 'set_custom_size_column' );
add_action( 'manage_chimpmunks_posts_custom_column' , 'fill_custom_size_column', 10, 2 );

function set_custom_size_column($columns) {
    $columns['size'] = __( 'Size', 'your_text_domain' );
    return $columns;

function fill_custom_size_column( $post_id ) {
    $terms = get_the_term_list( $post_id , 'size' , '' , ',' , '' );
    if ( is_string( $terms ) )
         echo $terms;
         echo __( 'No size', 'your_text_domain' );

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