Continuing work today on my free theme and I'm trying to make it kick some butt. I would like to embed an audio player into the theme. Not a plugin, an embedded player.

The functionality of http://wpaudioplayer.com/standalone/ kicks some serious boo-tay.

However, that player is a bit ugly. I do like the Woo Tumblog audio player (anybody know if I can implement this... people may make commercial themes off this theme so it needs to be legal?). If there's a great looking player option out there that's distributable in commercial themes, simple, and well-designed let me know.

I assume I can just replace the .swf file in WP Audio Player... right?

May the force be with you.

  • wordpress.org/extend/plugins/powerpress Maybe take a look through this plugin. I use it for my pdcast, but it comes with like 6 different players with varying degrees of customizability. Maybe it has what you want in it? Jul 13 '11 at 16:47

I would recommend that you have your theme require the wordpress.org version of the wpaudioplayer plugin. There is a great article about having themes check for and require plugins.

As is well-argued on this WPSE answer, it's not a great idea to take code from a plugin and include it in your theme because you miss future updates and it might be legally/morally iffy. Best of all, if a person who purchases your theme chooses to switch themes some day, all their audio players will still work and they'll be very happy and thank you forever.

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