Does anyone know how to assign multiple Users as authors of single individual posts (even single custom post types)? I want more than just displaying as tags the list of authors.

I am looking at the plugin Groups and do not know if you can set the Author of a post to be a group. Has anyone used this setup before?

I need roles and permissions in place where Users of a Group have EDIT capabilities for a single post. ie. assign Users to a Group; assign a Group to a Post.

Thanks, Harry


1) As suggested in the comments I tried out Co-Authors, but I found it to be too hard to work with programmatically (poor documentation). I could not accomplish a simple task of adding and removing users programmatically to the author list of a post. I have not gone with this plugin as my solution.

2) See answer about Press Permit. I haven't installed this and tried it out yet, but judging from the video and documentation, it seems that this plugin could be a good solution.

  • The Co-Authors Plus plugin allows you to add multiple authors (and guest authors) per post - I'm not sure if that ticks all of your boxes though.
    – vancoder
    May 26 '16 at 22:17
  • Thanks! I've looked into Co-Authors plugin and it looks like it will check all my boxes. Awesome find! I think I will have to write some custom functions that will programatically add and remove authors to specific posts. I'll update this question when I get to the implementation. Jun 10 '16 at 18:58
  • I want same functionality is that working for you..?? Sep 22 '16 at 10:26
  • I tried Co-Authors. It does allow multiple people to edit and own a single post (or custom post type). I had problems controlling this functionality with code. I couldn't programmatically invoke any of the Co-Authors features. If you are fine using the admin interface, and using the plugin's GUI then this is a great solution. Sep 22 '16 at 17:09

I want to throw this out there as an answer to the question. I have stumbled across a plugin that will take WordPress's permissions to the next level.

It is called Press Permit. http://presspermit.com/extensions/pp-collaborative-editing/

Taken from Press Permit FAQ's:

How does Press Permit compare to Capability Manager, User Role Editor and other role editor plugins?

Press Permit’s functionality is different from and complementary to a basic role editor / user management plugin. In terms of permissions, those plugins’ primary function is to alter WordPress’ definition of the capabilities included in each role. In other words, they expose lots of knobs for the permissions control which WordPress innately supports. That’s a valuable task, and in many cases will be all the role customization you need. Since WP role definitions are stored in the main WordPress database, they remain even said plugin is deactivated.

Press Permit can assist you in turning the site-wide capability knobs for desired post types. But it also supercharges your permissions engine. Press Permit it is particularly useful when you want to customize access to a specific post, category or term. Extension plugins add collaborative editing control, file filtering and other features which are not otherwise possible. The plugin will work with your WP roles as a starting point, whether customized by a role editor or not. Users of the PP Collaborative Editing extension can (after activating advanced settings) navigate to Permissions > Settings > Role Usage to see (or modify) how Press Permit is using your WP role definitions. Press Permit’s modifications remain only while it stays active.

It looks like Press Permit's extension Collaborative Editing can accomplish restricting single posts to multiple authors or even groups.

This video explains more about the plugin.

Allow Editing of Specific WordPress Pages - Press Permit

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