Here is the problem I am having:

I have a custom post type called "developer"
This custom post type "developers" has a custom taxonomy, "developer", hierarchic
I want to programmatically insert into this custom taxonomy "developer" 2 terms

Here is the function and the action I am using to insert one term:

// programatically add terms to the taxonomy "developer"
function autoset_post_developer(&$post, $developer)
    if(empty($developer)) return;
    $cat    = get_cat_ID($developer);
        $cat    = wp_insert_term($developer, 'developer', array(
            'description' => '' . $developer,
            'slug' => sanitize_title($developer)
        $cat    = $cat['term_id'];
        $post['post_developer'] = array($cat);

The problem: wp_insert_term doesn't appear to be working with my custom taxonomy

  • What's the custom post type is it developers or developer ? – bravokeyl May 26 '16 at 9:43
  • register_taxonomy('developers' – user2235208 May 26 '16 at 9:49

The problem is higher in your code.

$cat    = get_cat_ID($developer);

will return false for a custom taxonomy, as it only checks the standard categories.

Use get_term_by instead.

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  • give me any example – user2235208 Jun 6 '16 at 21:10

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