Building a plugin I'm trying to insert something in my DB but isn't works!

My code is like that:

global $wpdb;
$table_name = $wpdb->prefix."mytable"; 

I have a string in my $_POST["name"] and my database only have 2 columns: id, who is AUTO_INCREMENT and Name.

I don't know if I need do something more than the $wpdb->insert('xxxxxxx') but: Wordpress don't send me any error in PHP or SQL and don't insert anything in my database.


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I would say the problem is first array. Change it to

    'name' => $_POST['name']

You can also use wpdb->show_error() or wpdb->print_error()

To Samuel Elh: wpdb->insert() can escape value itself

  • I'm looking for that error...thanks! I didn't see! Now works well
    – Marcos
    May 17, 2016 at 14:30

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