Currently I'm using this permalink structure: mywebsite.com/%postname%.html I want to change it to: mywebsite.com/%category%/%postname%/

When I do this, new links works fine, but the problem is, links to old posts, like mywebsite.com/some-old-post.html does not redirect to mywebsite.com/post-category/some-old-post/

I've read that WordPress is supposed to figure the new URL out automatically when the slug (some-old-post) stays intact, but in my case, it just goes to a 404 page.

Any idea how to fix this?



You will need a plugin that uses 301 redirects to steer old permalinks to the new ones. Just search for 301 in the WP plugin directory.

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  • I don't think 301 is the solution. Because there are many categories. Such as: Article 1: mywebsite.com/postname1.html Article 2: mywebsite.com/postname2.html New structure 1: mywebsite.com/mycategory1/postname1/ New structure 2: mywebsite.com/mycategory2/postname2/ It'd work if there was 1 category, but there are dozens of categories. – mehmeh May 8 '16 at 13:17
  • Obviously, you don't want to create 301 entries for all posts. You need a bulk redirect. Try Change Permalink Helper. This will steer links to their new location based on the post slug. – cjbj May 8 '16 at 13:39

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