I have a custom field for my taxonomy called 'food_type'.

How can I display a list of my terms where this custom field's value is set to "Cat food"?

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To do that, you'll need a custom query - Wordpress doesn't have a ready-made function for getting that type of data from the termmeta table.

The custom query uses get_col() which allows you to get an array of the term_ids where the meta_key and the meta_value match the values you have in the question. Notice that the query uses prepare() which is good practice for security.

More info on $wpdb can be found on its Codex page.

Providing you get some results back, you can then loop through them, and using Wordpress' get_term and get_term_link functions, output the list of links you're looking for.

global $wpdb;

// custom query to get all the term_ids from the termmeta table
$query_str  = 'SELECT term_id FROM ' . $wpdb -> prefix . 'termmeta WHERE meta_key = %s AND meta_value = %s';
$meta_key   = 'food_type';
$meta_value = 'Cat food';

$term_ids = $wpdb -> get_col( $wpdb -> prepare( $query_str, $meta_key, $meta_value ) );

// if you got results back, loop through them to create a list of links
if( $term_ids ):

    $taxonomy = 'your_taxonomy';

    echo '<ul>';
    foreach( $term_ids as $id ):

        // get the term object with $id for displaying the name
        $term = get_term( $id, $taxonomy );
        // get the term permalink
        $url  = get_term_link( $term );

        echo '<li>';
        echo  '<a href="' . $url . '">' . $term -> name . '</a>';  
        echo '</li>';

    echo '</ul>';

  • Hi shahar, thanks for your answer. Could you please edit your post to explain what your code does? See wordpress.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-answer for help on writing a good answer.
    – Tim Malone
    May 4, 2016 at 22:35
  • 1
    Hi Tim Malone. There are 3 comments already which explain what's happening, the other functions are standard Wordpress functionality which the codex does a good job of explaining. What exactly do you find unclear?
    – Steven
    May 5, 2016 at 11:05
  • BTW, I don't see anything at the link that the answer doesn't fulfil. Please explain the issue so I can correct it. Thanks.
    – Steven
    May 5, 2016 at 11:28
  • 1
    My apologies - I thought that link covered this but it appears it doesn't! When posting code it's preferable to explain how this resolves the asker's question, rather than just dumping a code block. It's the "teach a man to fish" principle - keeping in mind that many will come across this answer at a later date, possibly with a slightly different question.
    – Tim Malone
    May 5, 2016 at 20:47
  • Let us continue this discussion in chat.
    – Steven
    May 5, 2016 at 21:48

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