How can I redirect certain WordPress admin pages to another admin page.

For example I never want a user to see wp-admin/about.php it should always redirect to wp-admin/index.php.

There are also a couple plugins that redirect to a plugin welcome page with promotions the I want to be able to check if this URL then redirect to this URL.

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You can use get_current_screen() to check on which page you are then make a redirect to specific admin page.

get_current_screen() return the screen object like

WP_Screen Object
    [action] => 
    [base] => dashboard
    [columns:WP_Screen:private] => 0
    [id] => dashboard
    [in_admin:protected] => site
    [is_network] => 
    [is_user] => 
    [parent_base] => 
    [parent_file] => 
    [post_type] => 
    [taxonomy] => 
    [_help_tabs:WP_Screen:private] => Array

    [_help_sidebar:WP_Screen:private] => 
    [_screen_reader_content:WP_Screen:private] => Array

    [_options:WP_Screen:private] => Array

    [_show_screen_options:WP_Screen:private] => 
    [_screen_settings:WP_Screen:private] => 

You can use base key to identify the page base!


add_action('current_screen', 'wpse_225416_redirect_admin_page');
 * Redirect specific admin page
function wpse_225416_redirect_admin_page() {
    $my_current_screen = get_current_screen();
    if (isset($my_current_screen->base) && $my_current_screen->base == 'about') {

Use current_screen hook because before that get_current_screen() will return nothing.

  • So, if i need it to redirect back to the dashboard it should look like this? function wpse_225416_redirect_admin_page() { $my_current_screen = get_current_screen(); if (isset($my_current_screen->base) && $my_current_screen->base == 'about') { wp_redirect(admin_url('index')); exit(); } }
    – Shae
    May 2, 2016 at 20:22
  • The current code in answer redirecting about.php to index.php! No need to add index in admin url admin_url('index') for dashboard.
    – Sumit
    May 3, 2016 at 4:18
  • I've added the code above from the example, but I am still able to get to the about page.
    – Shae
    May 4, 2016 at 13:46
  • I've tested it and it is working fine. Please debug, clear the cache, disable plugins and switch to default theme. It is hard to say why it does not work in your system, because it is very basic and working example.
    – Sumit
    May 4, 2016 at 14:45
  • Question, if I need to redirect from this page: edit.php?post_type=newsletter&page=mymail_welcome to the dashboard, how should it be written?
    – Shae
    May 10, 2016 at 16:16

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