I'm relying on the WP functionality to embed a tweet. When I add a tweet URL, like so:


to the editor, it expands and shows the following:

Embedded tweet displayed in WordPress

I never have to directly touch the embed code from Twitter. However, I'd like to customize the tweet so that it doesn't display the image. According to the Twitter docs, in order to hide photos, I need to add:


to the blockquote generated by WordPress.

My question...

Since WordPress never directly shows me the embed code (not viable in the Visual or the Text tab of the editor), is there a way to automatically insert the 'data-cards="hidden"' code into the blockquote code for all tweets shown in the content areas on the website?


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Here's one way using the oembed_fetch_url filter to add the hide_media query parameter, that's also mentioned in the Twitter doc page you linked to:

Set an oEmbed query parameter of hide_media=true or add a data-cards="hidden" attribute to the resulting <blockquote> element to prevent expanded content display.

Here's an example:

 * Hide media for all twitter oEmbeds, using the hide_media=1 query argument
add_filter( 'oembed_fetch_url', function( $provider, $url, $args )
    // Target publish.twitter.com provider
    if( 'publish.twitter.com' === parse_url( $provider, PHP_URL_HOST ) )
        $provider = add_query_arg( 'hide_media', 1, $provider );

    return $provider;
}, 99, 3 );

Here's how the Twitter provider url looks before:


and after:


Then there's the oembed_result to filter HTML returned by the provider. We could also use the embed_oembed_html filter to dynamically add the data-cards="hidden" attribute, even on a per post basis or check for our own custom query parameters. But I think the first method is more stable, since it's harder to inject the attribute into a possibly dynamic HTML structure.

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