WordPress 4.5 supposedly enables live refresh of the menu in the customizer, though I cannot get it to work.

If I reorder the menu (in customizer) I see no changes until I perform a manual refresh. However, if I click the Menu Locations checkbox to disable the menu, and again to re-enable, the screen does refresh. Though doing that saves the menu - which is not ideal. Or is that the intended functionality?

Clicking save and publish does not trigger a refresh either. Since other changes in customizer are shown in real time, this seems inconsistent.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

  • I haven't got across this new feature yet, but for clarification, are you developing a theme? Or using an existing one? If so, is this a built in theme or third party? If you're developing, please show the code you're using to attempt to make it work. – Tim Malone Apr 19 '16 at 22:21
  • It is a custom theme. I am using the default menu customizer (not making any changes to default functionality). Menu is pretty standard: $args = array( 'menu' => "Primary", 'depth' => 2, 'container' => 'nav', 'fallback_cb' => '', 'container_class' => 'visible-large primary-menu' ); wp_nav_menu( $args ); – Marcc1213 Apr 19 '16 at 22:25
  • Isn't selective refresh opt in? See make.wordpress.org/core/2016/02/16/… – Tim Malone Apr 19 '16 at 22:28
  • For menus selective refresh should be default. – Marcc1213 Apr 19 '16 at 22:29

Selective refresh is only for the items that are selected to cause auto refresh in customizer as explained here:


and here:


So if the theme developer haven't included this support then you might not see it refresh automatically on save and publish of menu items.

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  • As of 4.5 selective refresh is supposed to be enabled by default on menus in customizer - and theme support is also default. – Marcc1213 Apr 20 '16 at 0:01
  • yes but you might still need to add code for it, check this: make.wordpress.org/core/2016/03/22/… – Nabeel Khan Apr 20 '16 at 0:06

I found the problem - it was stupid but I hope this helps someone.

I had set the menu using the "menu" arg like so:

 $args = array(
            'menu'   => "Primary", 

For selective refresh to work, you have to use the "theme_location" arg like so:

 $args = array(
            'theme_location'   => "primary", 
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