I'm using a child of the twentyten default theme and I want to hide the sidebar on some pages.

What is the solution for that?

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Actually, Twentyten has a no-sidebar page template already.


Modify the template option in the page edit screen:

Template Option

And viola:


  • John, how can I increase the page width only for this specific page?
    – a3mlord
    Nov 20, 2016 at 16:24

create a new page template, simply duplicate the current page.php or index.php. remove the following:

<?php get_sidebar();?>

and place a template title at the top of the file

Template: No-Sidebar Template

Then you can choose that when publishing.

NOTE: This will probably impact on your styles, may need to tweak your stylesheets.


You can use conditional template tags on your standard page file template

if( ! is_page('page_name')){ get_sidebar();}


if( ! is_page(page_id) ){ get_sidebar();}

You can also pass an array

is_page(array(42,'about-me','About Me And Joe')) 

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