My template works fine, however, its using my main header file, even though I have changed it to point to sub-header.php

<?php /* Template Name: Sub Page */ 
get_header('sub-header'); ?>

You are following a wrong format to call sub header file.

Here is how we have to call sub header files:

<?php get_header('subexample'); ?>

Here is how you have to name the sub header file:


Hope this helps!


You only need to pass the slug to get_header() function; for example, to call header-sample.php:

<?php get_header( 'sample' ); ?>

You need to change you header file name

From sub-header.php to header-sub.php and call it by using following code:

<?php /* Template Name: Sub Page */ 
get_header('sub'); ?>

For more detail see here.


When using the get_header() function, all you need to do is name the file as like

header-sub-header.php or header-content.php.

When you are using the get_header() function you would call the your custom headers like this:

get_header( "sub-header" )
get_header ( "content" )

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