What I'm basically trying to do is check if a shortcode is returning any content, I'm using a plugin called Ninja forms and they have default content posting using their own shortcodes which look like this:

[ninja_forms_field id=84]

Assuming it works like a WordPress's default shortcode, how would I check if it returns any content, I've been trying to get this basic PHP code to work but it doesn't seem to ever evaluate as true:

if(!empty([ninja_forms_field id=84])){
    echo "has content";
} else{
    echo "not working";

I'm using a WP plugin called "Insert PHP" to run PHP in the default post form, I did several test and this plugin runs PHP wonderfully, so it's the shortcode logic that's failing me.

Here's a quick Ninja Forms article on their Shortcodes, this might help

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Run the Shortcode through do_shortcode and check what the output contains.

$shortcode_content = do_shortcode( '[ninja_forms_field id=84]' );

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