Here is what I'm talking about

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It's plain unmodified underscores theme, why is the comment form reversed starting from "comment" box first? I checked the functions files there aren't any codes that change the comment_form output.

  • I'm running on WP 4.4.2
  • No plugin activated
  • Underscores theme freshly generated from underscores.me

is there a work around to quickly switch it back without re-creating the comment_form()? is this a feature? or did I miss something?


it turns out to be WP 4.4 feature Changes to fields output by comment_form in WordPress 4.4

is there a fast work around to switch the form back to old one without creating comment-forms template or hooking? maybe additional arguments when calling comment_form?

  • curious to know what could be a reason to want the old behaviour? Anyway why is there a difference for you between additional argument and a hook? – Mark Kaplun Mar 30 '16 at 4:39
  • Without hooking? Why would one avoid it since it's the most viable way to alter things. – Z. Zlatev Mar 30 '16 at 5:50
  • Actually I'm looking for a way to like for example comment_form( array( 'old_style' => true ) ); because I hate customizing too much my theme since the more I customize it the more I need ro maintain compatibility and this feature just pop out after I updated the WP version. – nonsensecreativity Mar 31 '16 at 2:47

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