This is the simple version of what im trying to accomplish

//add display_name shortcode
function name_shortcode( ){
    return "testshortcode";
function register_shortcodes(){
    add_shortcode('display-name', 'name_shortcode');
add_action( 'init', 'register_shortcodes');

Which isnt working, the short code gets added to a custom post type called email. Grab the content using

$email_body = get_the_content();

And then email it out. But on the email body, i still only see the [display-name] short code text, instead of the quick "testshortcode" i set up.

Eventually if i get this to work, i would like this actually grab the the actual users display name from a wp_user_query loop i have set up in a seperate chron job funtion to send out a list of reminder emails... but one step at a time.

  • You can use do_shortcode for your content.
    – Jevuska
    Mar 25, 2016 at 14:11
  • How would that work? do_shortcode($email_body)?
    – blank473
    Mar 25, 2016 at 14:15

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get_the_content returns the content as is without processing, it does not pass it through the filters that are used in the_content such as oembeds or shortcodes. This filter is also called the_content ( coincidence )

Instead use this:

$email_body = apply_filters( 'the_content', get_the_content() );
  • I just tested it out, didnt work for me
    – blank473
    Mar 25, 2016 at 12:28
  • the email body also now has all the html being displayed, span tags and what not.... that wasnt showing up before, and the shortcode is still not being translated
    – blank473
    Mar 25, 2016 at 12:43
  • Are you waiting for the init hook to fire before sending the email? More context will be necessary, and it's likely the issue I solved above and the issue you're having now are not the same, although the result is
    – Tom J Nowell
    Mar 25, 2016 at 18:40

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