I would like to add "back buttons" to every page in my Wordpress site..and I'd like it to appear at the top of each page. How do I code that and where is it placed on the page code? thank you, Lori

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You can use following code. I trust you can style the link to look like button :)

if( wp_get_referer() )
  echo '<a href="'<?php wp_get_referer() ?> '" >BACK</a>';

Back Button

I combine @ItsMePN answer with how WordPress handling back page on error page - wp_die. It's JavaScript. onclick='javascript:history.back()'


Add into theme functions.php

add_action( 'back_button', 'wpse221640_back_button' );
function wpse221640_back_button()
    if ( wp_get_referer() )
        $back_text = __( '&laquo; Back' );
        $button    = "\n<button id='my-back-button' class='btn button my-back-button' onclick='javascript:history.back()'>$back_text</button>";
        echo ( $button );

Add into theme header.php after <body>

<?php do_action('back_button'); ?>

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