My question pertains to where I should create an ajax function that I'd like to call from my page view.

I am using a jQuery validator on a custom form that should check the inputted zipcode against my database of valid zipcodes.

I just need to know where this function should exist.

Normally when using a non wordpress site I'd create a PHP file with my ajax functions and call them by referencing the URL to this page and passing some parameters.

How can I achieve this with wordpress? Where can i explicitly call a php file and pass it arguments?

Note: I'd like to call the ajax function like so:

      // do stuff


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In WordPress the way of handling Ajax calls is a bit different the plain PHP but still very simple, all ajax calls should be to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php and you just define your own functions by hooks, Take a look at What's the preferred method of writing AJAX in WordPress

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