I am using POSTMAN to test out some API Routes using WP-API. I have created a custom post type called timeslot and have associated a custom taxonomy called location to that post type.

When I am trying to create a new post, how can I select the taxonomy term associated with the new timeslot? I have tried submitting the taxonomy ID with the taxonomy name {'location' : 128}, but that does not seem to work.

Attached is a screenshot of how I am posting the query in POSTMAN.

enter image description here

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I'm looking for the same answer, but looking at the WP REST API documentation it seems you can't do it. In the Create a Post section you'll see the API only accepts these arguments:

  • date
  • date_gmt
  • password
  • slug
  • status
  • title
  • content
  • author
  • excerpt
  • featured_media
  • comment_status
  • ping_status
  • format
  • sticky
  • categories
  • tags

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