My wordpress site got hacked, I fixed the problem but had to delete the TwentyFifteen theme (the one that was hacked). The theme I was originally using was different, but the hackers hacked the TwentyFifteen theme. When I deleted the theme, I went back to the wordpress dashboard and see this:

enter image description here

As you can see it's not recognizing any theme and I can't activate them. Also the Homepage is blank. Any ideas on how to activate a theme via FTP?


  • If a core theme was hacked I would contact with WordPress Security Team to report it. Please, do it.
    – cybmeta
    Mar 4, 2016 at 7:12

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Issue 1: Look at your dashboard; you're not logged in as an administrator, and as a result you don't have the privileges and can't activate themes or plugins.

With adminer or phpmyadmin, check your wp_usermeta table for your user and be sure the wp_capabilities key is for an admin: a:1:{s:13:"administrator";s:1:"1";}

Or, add a new admin via SQL:

INSERT INTO `*yourdatabasename*`.`wp_users` (`ID`, `user_login`, `user_pass`, `user_nicename`, `user_email`, `user_url`, `user_registered`, `user_activation_key`, `user_status`, `display_name`) VALUES ('999999', '*yourusername*', MD5('*password*'), '*yourfullname*', '*youremail*', '*http://example.com*', '2016-01-01 00:00:00', '', '0', '*yourfullname');

INSERT INTO `*yourdatabasename*`.`wp_usermeta` (`umeta_id`, `user_id`, `meta_key`, `meta_value`) VALUES (NULL, '999999', 'wp_capabilities', 'a:1:{s:13:"administrator";s:1:"1";}');

Replace *examples* with user name, real name, password (in plain text), etc. The user_id is set to 999999 to avoid collisions with existing user IDs.

Issue 2: Be sure you have carefully followed FAQ - My Site Was Hacked - WordPress Codex. You may not have done a complete job cleaning the hack. Then take a look at the recommended security measures in Hardening WordPress - WordPress Support and Brute Force Attacks - WordPress Codex

  • Thanks for the quick response, I'll read those through. That is the administrator account so not sure what happened there. Any ideas how I can regain access through the backend?
    – Soulipsyz
    Mar 4, 2016 at 4:11
  • Added some details; you need to use adminer or phpmyadmin to take a look at the database. Mar 4, 2016 at 4:27

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