I would like randomly assign an image an alt text based on taxonomy entered by the user on a post that the image is attached if there is no alt text entered.

For example, on a post that has an image, I would like to randomly assign something like: "Used Camping Trailer in North Carolina." Where the USED and CAMPING TRAILER would be pulled from data entered on the post.

I have this working on page load, but obviously, this would be bad SEO because it's going to change on every page load. Therefore is there a way to do it and it be entered into the database.

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Just set the image alt text when the image is saved. Hook onto the save_post action, check if any of the attached images don't have alt text, and if not then generate the alt text you want and save it with:

update_post_meta( $attachment_id, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', 'this is the alt text' );

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