I am using the genesis framework, all I literally want to do is remove the navbar background colour for the homepage only. All my attempted changes have affected all the navigation menus.

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    Sorry but your question is not WordPress specific, it is 100% CSS related. Be aware that a) this question could be put on hold because it is off topic and b) problems with 3rd party themes or plugins should be solved at the forums as offered by their theme developers.For CSS questions/answers look here – Charles Feb 21 '16 at 11:57

Maybe the question is css related. Anyway if you need modify the output html of your navs using Walker Class

For more information check... codex


Not familiar with the Genesis Framework, but most WordPress themes automatically add the "home" class to the <body> tag. So to change the navbar on the home page only you would have to use a CSS selector like this:

.home .yourNavBarClass {
    background: transparent;

One simple 'hack' to add custom class to navbar only for home page is to check if current page is home page and then assign a class to it like this: class="<?php if(is_home() || is_front_page()) { echo "class_name"; }?>"

Then you can do whatever you want with css, for example:

.class_name {
  background-color: white;

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