wp-cli & a mu plugin don't get along causing the following error:

"Fatal error: Call to a member function getAdminOptions() on null in /wp-content/mu-plugins/mobile-smart-proMU.php"

Line of code causing the problem is:

$options = $mobile_smart->getAdminOptions();

I have reached out to plugin developer and for the time being, I have changed the mu-plugins folder to mu-plugins-old. I am Wondering if there is a way to set a exclude rule in config.yml for mu plugins?

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I'm the author of Mobile Smart Pro. I'm in the midst of testing WP-CLI with Mobile Smart Pro, and on line 27 of /wp-content/mu-plugins/ you should add the following test:

if (!$mobile_smart) return $pluginList;

So the section would look like:

`function disablePlugins($pluginList) {

    if (is_admin()) return $pluginList; // only deactivate on front end

    global $mobile_smart;

    if (!$mobile_smart) return $pluginList;

    // get options
    $options = $mobile_smart->getAdminOptions();

I'll be releasing an update for this today, but wanted to respond on here for you too.


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