I have made this insert query:

$insertsuccess = $wpdb->insert( 
                'orderId'=> $orderID,
        'orderedTime' => $date, 
        'useremail' => $customerEmail,
        'address' => $address , 
        'mobile' => $mobile ,
        'servicecenter' => $servicecentername ,
                'timeslot'=> $timeSlot,
                'preferredlanguage'=> $preferredLanguage,
                'status'=> $orderStatus,
                'completedDate'=> $orderCompletionDate,
                'userissue'=> $userIssue ,
                'userproduct'=> $userProduct

var_dump( $wpdb->last_query );

//echo $wpdb->insert_id;

if($insertsuccess) {
return true;
} else {
 return false;

The output of wpdb->last_query is:

string(423) "INSERT INTO `compservices` (`orderId`, `orderedTime`, `useremail`, `address`, `mobile`, `servicecenter`, `timeslot`, `preferredlanguage`, `status`, `completedDate`, `userissue`, `userproduct`) VALUES ('GV2016021757', '2016-02-17 23:20', '[email protected]', 'jnerjnmejnrerr', '9999999999', 'GVONE', '2016-02-18 - 09 AM to 12 PM', 'ENG', 'Ordered', NULL, '', 'kdnsjknjer')"

The actual query is

string(423) "INSERT INTO `compservices` (`orderId`, `orderedTime`, `useremail`, `address`, `mobile`, `servicecenter`, `timeslot`, `preferredlanguage`, `status`, `completedDate`, `userissue`, `userproduct`) VALUES ('GV2016021757', '2016-02-17 23:20', '[email protected]', 'jnerjnmejnrerr', '9999999999', 'GVONE', '2016-02-18 - 09 AM to 12 PM', 'ENG', 'Ordered', NULL, '<script>alert("hello")</script>', 'kdnsjknjer')"

and data inserted is

all data same as well as the script tags are also there:


The expectation was wpdb->insert will sanitize the script tags and remove it. It is showing correct in wpdb->last_query. But the data in database has script tags.

I am not able to figure out why this is happening.

  • In second last parameter of insert query. I have given input as <script>alert("hello")</script>. In wpdb->last_query, the script tags are replaced but in data base I am seeing script tags are there. Feb 17, 2016 at 17:59

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wpdb::insert will only ensure that data is inserted safely (i.e prevents against SQL injection). It will not sanitize your data (e.g. stripping certain/all HTML), that's down to you.

You can either use wp_strip_all_tags, which removes all HTML, or a variation of wp_kses, which is a sophisticated library for removing certain (x)HTML tags & entitites.

The output of wpdb->last_query is:

You've been tricked! The reason you don't see <script>alert(\'hello\')</script> is because it's being parsed by the browser when you output it - if you escape your debug output you'll see the two are the same:

<?php echo esc_html( $wpdb->last_query ) ?>
  • So to secure from XSS attacks, we need to santize and validate data from our side and wordpress will take care of SQL injection attacks. Right? Feb 18, 2016 at 19:15
  • Correct - WordPress has all the tools, but it's up to you to use them as you see fit. Feb 18, 2016 at 19:18

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