I created an mu-plugins folder with this block of code in it:

if ( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] === "domain1.com" ) { $sitetype = one; }
if ( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] === "domain2.com" ) { $sitetype = two; }
if ( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] === "domain3.com" ) { $sitetype = three; }

Basically, what I want to do is assign a $sitetype (basically a category) to a wordpress site and change things up based on the current domain name.

The code I have in my wordpress header file is:

if ( $sitetype == all ){ echo "site type 1"; }
if ( $sitetype == viral ){ echo "site type 2"; }
if ( $sitetype == woman ){ echo "site type 3"; }

With the 1st code block, it doesnt work when inside the mu-plugins folder but if i move it right above the 2nd code block in the header file it works fine so i think its executing incorrectly while in the mu-plugins folder. Is there a way I can keep the code in the mu-plugins folder and to get this to work the same way?

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    You need to declare it global global $site_type; in both places before using. – bonger Feb 13 '16 at 21:47
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    @bonger can u put it as an answer so i can mark this as correct in case someone else comes across this? – Joe Bobby Feb 13 '16 at 23:39

Per comments, declare it global before using in both (or all) places:

global $sitetype;
if ( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] === "domain1.com" ) { $sitetype = one; } //etc


global $sitetype;
if ( $sitetype == all ){ echo "site type 1"; } //etc

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