I have a custom field "DOB" on my custom post type which is in [Ymd] format. I want to compare that date of birth to current time and want to show "You are # years # months."

I am able to calculate Years only but it is not accurate. Help me.

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You create two date objects and compare with the diff() methode.

$from = new DateTime( '1970-01-01' );
$to = new DateTime('today');
$years = $from->diff($to)->y;
$months =  $from->diff($to)->m;

echo $years . ' years and ' . $months . ' months.';

=> 46 years and 1 months.

  • Thanks Soren but What if we want to display 46 years and 213 days ? in that format ?
    – Nis
    Commented Feb 15, 2016 at 4:37

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