After change default language in Woocommerce from Dutch to English I get 404 errors. I also have installed latest version of WPML. 3 Languages are active: EN - NL - DE. When I edit a link to open an category the link is as follow:

myshop.com/en/category/end-user/absorbin/  // result not ok
myshop.com/nl/category/end-user/absorbin/  // result ok

this results in a 404 error

when deleting /en/ string for default lang = EN the link works fine.

myshop.com/category/end-user/absorbin/ // result ok

Is there a possibility to prevent these 404 errors, instead of changing manually all the links in pages and so on? Maybe a rewrite rule in .htaccess

But I have no experience with that.

  • downvoted as you asked about plugins which is off-topic and in any case without code it is impossible to answer your question – Mark Kaplun Feb 13 '16 at 15:39

Found the necessary setup in WPML:


Problem solved.

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