I want to add an user as an Author to my blog, so that he can publish posts. But i don't want him to be able to view all the (unapproved) comments in the admin interface.

Is there any code snippet / plugin that can do what i want ?

I tried plugins like Role Scoper and Members. Role Scoper is too complicated i don't even know where to start. Members can only edit the basic wordpress access for roles.

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For a user to be able to see the list of other users in wp-admin, he or she needs the capability list_users, to be able to edit existing profiles, he or she needs edit_users, to add new ones add_users and to delete old ones delete_users.

For managing a site with multiple specific user roles that need to have certain capabilities and not to have others, I highly recommend using a mixture of two plugins:

Adminimize gives you control over what part of the admin interface is shown to what role

Members lets you edit the capabilities of a specific role and add new roles as needed

  • Erm, Adminimize only does a part of what I aim to do. When I log in as an authors, it hides the comment section in the admin interface, but does not do the authorization part, i.e. restricting me from actually viewing the comments. I can get to the comments by clicking on "View all comments" in the dashboard, or by typing manually /wp-admin/edit-comments.php into browser.
    – Lamnk
    Jul 2, 2011 at 14:28

I suggest the Capability Manager plugin, which is very simple to use.


I came here looking for the same answer, and then elsewhere came across the Advanced Access Manager -- it does exactly what the OP requested (and what I was looking for).


you can go to wp-admin folder -> menu.php and look for something like this

$menu[25] = array( sprintf( __('Comments %s')....

then add this condition around this line

global $current_user; if($current_user->user_level==10){the line should be here}

this way no one can see the comments except the admin.

  • Modifying core WP files is always a bad idea. Core files should be left unaltered in order to avoid functionality loss upon WP ugrades.
    – mike23
    Jul 26, 2011 at 10:42
  • thank you for this important info. i'll try to be away from that . but i still have this problem , the author can see all comments but he can edit only his comments .. no need to show him other comments ! your plugin is very nice but it doesn't help me with that ... thank you
    – majed
    Jul 27, 2011 at 22:10

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