I am trying to bring some order in to theme files and would like to separate templates parts. I see that underscore ( _s ) has done something similar enter image description here

but they moved only content templates inside ,

I have several templates for header , footer, content, portfolio,

do you think that order like this would be ok

    --- header-centered.php
    --- header-left.php
    --- header-right.php
    --- header-menubottom.php
    --- footer-grid.php
    --- footer-blank.php
    --- content-single.php
    --- content-page.php
    --- content-none.php
    --- content-search.php
    --- portfolio-full.php
    --- portfolio-split.php

or would I run in to some trouble ?

Any help is appreciated.

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Looking at the following source codes

you are going to have issues, more with your custom headers and footers. I do not know what portfolio is and how it will be used, so I cannot answers on that specific subject

get_footer() and get_header() does not allow for custom headers and footers to be loaded from a subfolder. Looking at the source codes, the only valid file names are as follow

  • For headers, it will be header-{$name}.php and header.php

  • For footers, it will be footer-{$name}.php and footer.php

There are no filters to adjust this behavior in get_footer() and get_header(). There is a hackish method that you can use here though. For this to work, you will need to name your folders as follow

  • For headers, you will need to name your folder header-{whatever}, where {whatever} can be anything you like

  • For footers, you will need to name your folder footer-{whatever}, where {whatever} can be anything you like

(Note: Using anything else than header and footer as prefix in the folder name will not work). You can then call your custom footers and headers in the following manner

get_header( 'whatever/header-centered' );

which create a filename like header-whatever/header-centered.php

As for template parts, I cannot see any issues right of the back. All you need to remember is to add the subfolder name as part of $slug

Instead of

get_template_part( 'content', 'single' );

you will need to do the following if your subfolder is called content

get_template_part( 'content/content', 'single' );
  • thnx for the info , get_header and get_footer are used as default without any funky biz, I was mostly concerned about get_template_part and yes , I did change the paths so all is nice and tidy now.
    – Benn
    Feb 3, 2016 at 12:30
  • For the header and footer, instead of the hackish method you can ignore the get_header() method and use get_template_part() along with do_action('get_header'). Example here: stackoverflow.com/a/35687331/211786 Feb 28, 2016 at 19:48

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